Como posso utilizar o azeite de oliva?

How can I use olive oil?

Did you know that the use of olive oil goes far beyond food? Check out this article for other ways to use this oil!

Seasoning food is just one of the ways to use olive oil, this oil can help hydrate the body, hair and even in medicine.

Olive oil is a food rich in vitamins, monounsaturated fats, phenolic compounds and antioxidants that help prevent diseases and promote a more balanced diet.

Therefore, it is found on most kitchen shelves and is commonly used in various recipes, from the simplest, such as salads, to the most sophisticated and complex. However, it is not just in dishes that this product can be used.

In this article, we will show you the different ways to use olive oil to promote well-being and quality of life. Check out!

Olive oil: What to do with this food?

It may come as a surprise to some consumers, but the Olive oil is a very versatile product , due to its moisturizing properties that can be beneficial for the skin, hair and even nails.

These characteristics are proven when we find this oil as a raw material in the composition of numerous products in the beauty industry, such as lotions, shampoos and conditioners.

But it can also be used neat for more powerful hydration. Check out some ways to use olive oil in aesthetics:

Hair hydration

To make your hair shinier, softer and frizz-free, olive oil is a great option. Rich in fatty acid, the product penetrates the hair and deeply hydrates it, being used in conjunction with other moisturizers or alone.

It is important to be careful with the amount of product, just a few drops are enough to enhance the beauty of your hair. Furthermore, it is recommended to use only on the length of the hair.

Skin hydration

In addition to hydrating your hair, olive oil is a great ally for the body. Vitamins A,D,KE found in the product help block skin aging and oleic acid forms a protective layer to retain moisture.

Because it has great protective capacity, the oil also protects the body from ultraviolet rays.

Its powerful composition combats wrinkles and expression lines, promoting hydration and providing skin elasticity.

It can even be used to exfoliate the face and body, resulting in cleaner, softer and healthier skin.


Olive oil is also an incredible product for makeup and has countless practicalities. For example, it can be used as a face makeup remover and helps to clean brushes and sponges.

It is important to remember that after using it on the skin, it is important to wash your face with facial soap and remove the oil, thus preventing the appearance of pimples.

Find out more about how to use olive oil in beauty at our article .

As it is a multifunctional product, this oil also provides well-being for people, and is even used in medicine. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Olive oil and well-being

Using olive oil in any format already brings a feeling of well-being to the body. But, there are some other ways to provide special care with this oil.

One of them is to ease the pain of sunburn. The properties in the product help to soothe injured areas.

The oil is also a very valuable ingredient for baths, providing moments of tranquility for the body. Furthermore, it can be used in massages, helping to combat muscle fatigue and resulting in more relaxed nerves.

Olive oil also has medicinal uses, which go beyond food intake, being used to treat earaches, and in Ayurveda medicine it is an important ally for therapies, such as oiling.

Olive oil and Ayurvedic medicine

To promote health and well-being, practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient science, perform a technique called oiling.

With the help of oils, including olive oil, moments of care are provided that deeply nourish, hydrate and protect the skin.

During oil therapy, massages are performed that help in the treatment of most diseases of the nervous system, bones and deep tissues.

According to Ayurvedic teachings, this technique aims to nourish the body, mind and emotions.

Olive oil is a food that involves countless ways of bringing well-being and beauty to people. Whether with a few drops or using liters of oil, as in oiling, this product has the power to transform lives.

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