Lagar H: more than making excellent olive oil, our mission is to encourage the consumption and knowledge of true extra virgin olive oil, helping people to make more conscious, healthy and tasty choices.

Our team

Our team is the most precious asset we have. In addition to producing high-quality olive oil, our mission is also to promote a production model that allows safe working conditions for all people involved. We build our social pillar through transparent processes, respecting the health, well-being and labor rights of all employees. Fair wages, adequate working conditions, appropriate machinery are some of the established standards. We do not tolerate harassment, violence or any type of disrespect.

Certificates and initiatives


Our Care


At Lagar H, harvesting is suitable for each need within the olive grove, and can be manual, semi-manual or mechanical. The objective is always to increase efficiency and speed up the process, reducing the time between harvest and extraction as much as possible.


The extraction of extra virgin olive oil must be done without exceeding 27ºC. Here, we work at a maximum of 24°C, always guaranteeing cold extraction, which is essential for preserving not only the delicate aromas of each variety, but also all the phenolic compounds, characteristic of superior quality olive oil.


Our olive oils are stored in stainless steel tanks with nitrogen in a climate-controlled room, which guarantees maximum freshness, and are packaged in dark packaging with tamper-evident seals on site, according to demand. We do all of this with the aim of providing olive oil that is always fresh and original.