With sustainable initiatives since our foundation in 2014, socio-environmental concerns were already present, guiding us to choose sustainable methods of growing, extracting and distributing olive oils. Today, we pride ourselves on producing true extra virgin olive oil responsibly, respecting the environment, supporting local communities and promoting social and economic justice so that our olive oil is good for people and the planet. We do this through sustainable production and a mill developed in accordance with green construction rules, proven by the various certifications and seals achieved over the years.


As we pursue our dream - producing quality extra virgin olive oil while respecting nature and people - unfortunately, we are faced with a sad reality: we operate in the industry of one of the most fraudulent foods in the world, where transparency and respect for nature are not market standard.

As an olive oil producer, we have the responsibility to act consciously and committed to the environment and people, seeking to contribute to changing this market and, above all, to the transformation of the planet. Therefore, we align ourselves with the proposals of several global initiatives , always reinforcing our values ​​and reaffirming our commitments to building a fairer, balanced and sustainable future.


We created a company that goes beyond producing excellent olive oil. Above all, we value the consumer, employees, partners and the planet. More than producing, we want to transform the culture of olive oil in Brazil and around the world. We are currently working to implement practices that demonstrate our socio-environmental commitment. We structured our ESG strategy (acronym for Environmental, Social and Governance) seeking to make practices anchored in the three pillars of sustainability even more powerful: environmental, social and governance. Based on constant learning at each stage of the process and, mainly, in our relationships with the land, nature and people, we made commitments to global initiatives that guided us to achieve, today, the fulfillment of 16 of the 17 SDGs ( Sustainable Development Goals) of the UN Global Compact and to reduce our emission of polluting gases, reaching, for the first time in the history of olive oil producing brands around the world, carbon negative certification . Check out our commitments in detail below.

The ideal future only becomes reality based on our attitudes in the present. This makes us not only unique in everything we do, but a fundamental part of sustainable development for a more egalitarian, humane and supportive world.

Certificates and initiatives

Because we believe that our mission is to help people take care of their health and well-being, making more conscious, healthy and tasty choices, we invest resources, energy and seek continuous improvement of our products and processes. Achieving certifications that demonstrate our commitment has shown that our good environmental, social, ethical and food safety practices are aligned with the company's vision of being a reference in the olive growing market in Brazil and the world for our sustainable production of extra virgin olive oil. .


Taking care of the planet and people is our premise, therefore, reducing the environmental impact in our production process has been evolving day after day, as a way of building a positive legacy for the next generations. In the reports below, you can follow the evolution of our journey in seeking to implement practices that demonstrate our commitment to the environment.