Commitment on the field

Sustainable Production

Olive trees are highly carbon-sequestering plants and, therefore, olive oil is considered the most sustainable oil crop for the planet. Furthermore, here at Lagar H, our production processes aim to guarantee traceability, food safety and fertile and healthy soil through good regenerative agriculture practices, studied and monitored by highly qualified professionals, avoiding the application of chemical pesticides, supported by the requirements of the integrated production (IP) system

Native Forest Reforestation

We carry out intentional reforestation of native forest, which is the planting and maintenance of vegetation in a given area, with the aim of recovering and strengthening the original ecosystem with native seedlings from the region where we are located, seeking a healthy and balanced ecosystem, which allows us to avoid chemical interventions.

Biodiversity Preservation

We understand the importance of conserving the biodiversity components of our farm, therefore, we work to include practices in the production process that preserve and protect their natural habitats, allowing our coexistence to be balanced and respectful with birds, mammals and reptiles, in addition to all native species of flora.

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