Azeite de oliva: 5 dicas para escolher o produto ideal na hora da compra

Olive oil: 5 tips for choosing the ideal product when purchasing

When buying olive oil, you need to pay attention to choose a product in excellent condition! Find out how to choose!

It is essential to observe some points, such as storage and production locations, when you are at the establishment.

Olive oil has been present in people's lives for more than 6 thousand years, with its origin dating back to ancient civilizations. But it was only in the 15th century that it arrived in the Americas, through the Spanish.

Currently, the cultivation of olive oil has grown considerably. In Brazil, for example, there are several producers, including Lagar H.

Given the volume of products on supermarket shelves, it is sometimes difficult to know how to choose the ideal olive oil when purchasing.

With this in mind, we have put together some essential tips for you to follow and purchase the right olive oil. Follow along!

How to choose a good olive oil?

Normally, a good olive oil is one that has an acidity of up to 0.8%, which is known as extra virgin olive oil. It contains good fats, lower acidity and nutritional quality.

Firstly, to find the ideal olive oil when purchasing, you need to know the different existing types , such as:

  • Extra virgin olive oil;
  • Virgin olive oil;
  • Single Type Olive Oil
  • Olive Pomace Oil

This way, you will know its characteristics and recommendations for use.

If you already have this knowledge, when purchasing the product it is essential to pay attention to some tips.

5 tips for choosing the ideal olive oil for your life

In addition to flavor, there are other important points to identify good olive oil when shopping. Check out!

1 – Read the ingredients

The ideal is to always choose extra virgin olive oil, for its nutrients, but when this is not possible, it is important to check the labels of other oils.

For example, in the list of ingredients it is important to pay attention to whether the product is pure, that is, it cannot have the addition of other olive oils, such as refined oil or other oils.

2- Bottle and expiration date

It is necessary to buy olive oil with the most recent packaging date and guarantee of origin. This guarantees the flavor and freshness of the fruit. Because, the fresher it is, the better the oil will be.

3 – Production location

Another important point to take into consideration is the location of production and packaging of the olive oil. It is important that both processes take place in the same country.

Therefore, choose olive oils produced and bottled in Brazil, such as Lagar H olive oils. Our extra virgin olive oil is made and packaged in the same location, in Rio Grande do Sul. Discover more about our brand .

4 – Supermarket storage

Where the olive oil shelves are located within the supermarket is also important when choosing the product. You knew?

Give preference to products that are stored at the back of the shelf, where there is no exposure to light.

Lighting, whether solar or artificial, can oxidize the product, resulting in olive oil without nutritional qualities.

Furthermore, the olive oil must be packaged in dark packaging to avoid exposure.

5 – Closed product

The last tip applies not only to olive oils, but also to foods in general: always choose sealed products.

In the case of olive oil, if the packaging is open, even just a crack, the liquid already loses its properties.

So, always buy olive oils that are fully sealed to ensure good use and the flavor of the product.

Finally, always follow the food inspection bodies to find out more about the various product analyzes that are constantly carried out. The results show which brands and oils are unsuitable for consumption.

In conclusion, when buying olive oil, it is essential to observe the topics mentioned throughout the text, such as production location, storage and whether the product is pure.

After all, it is necessary to buy olive oils in excellent condition.

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