Azeite extravirgem Lagar H é ideal para a família

Lagar H extra virgin olive oil is ideal for the family

Find out more about Lagar H products, their production and the brand’s types of olive oil. Read the article!

Lagar H promotes a complete, transparent, careful, conscious and responsible extra virgin olive oil production process

When talking about extra virgin olive oil, most consumers think of imported products. However, Brazil is growing more and more in this olive growing market and standing out worldwide.

A great example is the Lagar H brand. With just two years of existence, the company has already won more than 60 awards in competitions of olive oils around the world.

This is the result of years of trials, errors and successes until arriving at true, 100% Brazilian extra virgin olive oil.

In this article, you will learn more about the characteristics of the products, their production and the history of Lagar H, which arrived to change consumers' thinking about national olive oils.

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Discover Lagar H

Located in the fields of Cachoeira do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Lagar H is more than a brand, it is the result of work that spans generations.

Along with their crops, the Haas family (the H in Lagar H comes from their surname) leaves a legacy on their land: extra virgin olive oil.

One of the pioneers in olive cultivation in the country, Lagar H builds its history through respect for the land, nature and people. Having a socio-environmental commitment throughout the production process of its products.

Therefore, led by olive oil expert – and director – Glenda Haas, one of the brand's objectives is to inspire people about the culture of olive oils and also to share information about this universe that is not well known by the population.

Next, learn more about the Lagar H extra virgin olive oils .

Real extra virgin olive oil

Planting and growing olives in Brazil is a challenge. Therefore, it took a lot of study and commitment for Lagar H to start reaping the rewards. For those who don't know, olive growing in the country has a very recent history, only around 20 years.

Sowing fruits in a region whose climate is equivalent to that found in the Mediterranean – the birthplace of olive growing in the world –, Lagar H produces true extra virgin olive oil.

When choosing Lagar H extra virgin olive oil, you are opting for the highest quality product for your family. An olive oil that has gone through a process of reliable origin, made from healthy olives, that is, olives that have not suffered deterioration.

Discover more about the production of our olive oils:

Olive oil production

Each year, olive oil expert Glenda Haas and her team of experts select the best varieties of olives for the production of monovarietal editions or blends.

But before reaching this stage, the fruits go through a complete, transparent, careful, conscious and responsible production process. Check out:

  • Planting - Olives are planted in ideal soil conditions, with enough space to develop.
  • Harvest - The olives are harvested and extracted in our own mill, inside the olive grove, at low temperatures, guaranteeing the quality of the fruits.
  • Extraction – To obtain a neutral atmosphere and prevent oxidation, the olive oil is extracted within six hours and stored in a stainless steel tank with nitrogen in a climate-controlled room.
  • Packaging – Lagar H promotes the packaging of olive oils in tamper-proof bottles to guarantee a product that is always fresh.

Lagar H olive oils have different and unique sensory characteristics, derived from the types of olives, production conditions and fruit ripening point.

Types of extra virgin olive oil Lagar H

In 2022, Lagar H produced four types of extra virgin olive oils: Frantoio, Arbequina, Manzanilla and Coratina. Find out more about each of them:

Frantoio Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This olive oil comes from northern Italy, with its characteristics being a delicate, harmonious and balanced flavor combined with a high freshness reminiscent of fresh green almonds.

It has a high concentration of polyphenols and sober spiciness and bitterness. Check out more about this olive oil !

Coratina Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Derived from an olive tree in the town of Corato, Puglia region in Italy, Coratina monovarietal extra virgin olive oil has an intense flavor with high spiciness and bitterness.

Among its sensorial characteristics are green almonds, green pepper, artichoke and herbaceous notes of freshly cut grass. Learn more about the product !

Manzanilla Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This olive comes from Cáceres, Spain. The olive oil produced is smooth and has a unique flavor, with notes of green tomatoes and leaves. Furthermore, its characteristics contain a balanced spiciness and bitterness.

It also has an aftertaste of green almonds and green banana peel. Discover more about sensory characteristics !

Arbequina Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One of Lagar H's most complex extra virgin olive oils. Monovarietal Arbequina is produced with olives originating in Arbeca, Spain and has great sensory characteristics.

Its flavor evolves with medium intensity of bitterness and slight spiciness for a pleasant sensation of green chestnuts, fresh herbs and green banana peel. Check out your combinations !

When choosing an extra virgin olive oil we want to bring a quality product to our tables. After all, our family deserves the best sensory experiences, including olive oil.

Lagar H extra virgin olive oils guarantee this. Access our catalog and choose the ideal product for you and your family.

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