Lagar H: azeites brasileiros de extrema qualidade

Lagar H: extremely high-quality Brazilian olive oils

Lagar H is a brand that produces extremely quality Brazilian olive oils. Learn more about the process from cultivation to finalizing the olive oil!

At the mill, the process for producing Brazilian olive oil has four stages: planting, harvesting, extraction and origin

The time has passed when only imported olive oils were the best in the world. There is also emphasis on products produced in Greece, Spain and Italy. But, in recent years, Brazilian olive oils have emerged on the market.

Lagar H is one of them. In 2021, the brand was highlighted around the world with the production of 100% Brazilian extra virgin olive oils in its mill and olive grove located in Cachoeira do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul.

As one of the pioneers in the cultivation and production of extra virgin olive oils, Lagar H has eight varieties of olives and a careful, conscious and responsible process in its mill.

Its olives result in different nuances of flavors and perfumes when transformed into extra virgin olive oil. This happens due to the types and ripening point of fruits, the region and production conditions.

In this article, we will delve deeper into how production is carried out on site and why choose national olive oils. Follow along!

How is the production of Brazilian Lagar H olive oils?

One of the brand's biggest concerns is bringing the best quality olive oils to families without sensory defects.

To achieve this, it relies on production that spans years, through successes and errors, to arrive at its current product, with the guarantee of the preservation of the fruits.

The production of Lagar H olive oils are divided into four stages: planting, harvesting, extraction and origin. The process is carried out in minimum time, to obtain the best result.

Below, find out a little more about each of these processes.


At the mill, as it is located in a region with a climate equivalent to that found in the Mediterranean – where olive growing began in the world –, the planting of olive trees is carried out under ideal conditions.

On site, the plants have optimal spacing to grow and receive special pruning that contributes to the best extra virgin olive oil.


At this stage, the olives are harvested on the family farm and extracted in the nearby mill. This process helps maintain the quality of the fruits, enabling extraction at a controlled temperature.


To guarantee the freshness of the fruit, the oil is cold extracted within 6 hours of harvesting. Extraction takes place using state-of-the-art machinery and, to guarantee a neutral atmosphere and prevent oxidation, the product is stored in nitrogen tanks.


After the entire extraction process, the oil is packaged in tamper-proof bottles. All control in the production process allows the extra virgin olive oil to remain fresh from its origin in the mill.

Why choose national olive oils?

When choosing a Brazilian olive oil, the consumer is taking home a product of the best quality, because the entire process is carried out in the country. This way, there is no need for transportation, which can harm the aroma and flavor of the oil.

Another reason to choose national olive oils, such as Lagar H, are the health benefits. The shorter the time between harvest and consumption, elements such as biophenols are still present in the product.

When purchasing Brazilian olive oils, consumers will be investing more and more in producers who work hard to generate olive oils in the country. And this helps to strengthen the national economy.

When people choose to choose products from the country, they are contributing to the creation of jobs. By increasing the consumption of national olive oils, there is an increase in opportunities for people to work in the area.

And, finally, by trying and buying national olive oils, you will be perfecting your palate. Well, you will learn that the freshest olive oils have completely different aromas and flavors, in a good way.

Therefore, to discover true Brazilian extra virgin olive oil of extreme quality, learn more about Lagar H products . The brand has extra virgin olive oils made with healthy, quality fruits to guarantee great aromas and exceptional freshness.

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