Chocolate com azeite: descubra o sabor dessa dupla poderosa

Chocolate with olive oil: discover the flavor of this powerful duo

The combination of chocolate and olive oil provides a unique sensory experience.

Olive oil is one of the most versatile foods in world cuisine and is seen on tables and restaurants as an accompaniment to savory dishes and salads. But in recent years, another combination has started to appear: sweets with olive oil.

At first, it may seem strange. Olive oil has aromas and flavors that balance between light and intense. Chocolate is one of the most popular desserts out there.

This combination, known by few people, results in a unique sensory experience. For this reason, patisseries in Europe and the United States are using chocolate and olive oil as the main ingredients in cakes and sweets.

Next, find out more about the combination of chocolate and olive oil, the health benefits and discover some of Lagar H extra virgin olive oils!

Pairing Chocolate with olive oil

It is a fact that olive oil is a product that can be paired with different dishes, resulting in varied flavors. With chocolate, this is no different.

Normally, people don't think about combining both foods, but when they experience this sensory experience, they end up being surprised.

In relation to olive oil and chocolate, the contrast between sweet and bitter ends up creating a new, unexpected flavor.

In addition to serving as an accompaniment, olive oil has also been used to make chocolate creamier in preparations, including ganache.

Working on pairing chocolate with olive oil is a chance for people to try new combinations and discover unique sensations. However, there is another reason to think about this union: health.

Health benefits

According to a study carried out by researchers at the University of Pisa, combining chocolate with olive oil brings health benefits.

It was found that consuming dark chocolate with extra virgin olive oil can help with cardiovascular health , preventing narrowing of the arteries, increasing levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and lowering blood pressure.

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Lagar H extra virgin olive oils

Produced in a mill located in Cachoeira do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Lagar H extra virgin olive oils have exceptional quality.

Have the confidence of a transparent process that results in products with unique freshness and flavor.

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Coratina Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Coratina monovarietal extra virgin olive oil has an intense flavor with high heat and bitterness, with characteristics of green almonds, green pepper, artichokes and herbaceous notes of freshly cut grass.

This olive oil is derived from an olive tree in the commune of Corato, in the Puglia region, in Italy.

Manzanilla Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Coming from Cáceres, Spain, Manzanilla monovarietal extra virgin olive oil is smooth and has a unique flavor, with notes of green tomatoes and leaves.

This oil has, among its characteristics, balanced spiciness and bitterness combined with a aftertaste of green almonds and green banana peel.
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