Competições de azeites: saiba mais sobre esse aspecto da olivicultura

Olive oil competitions: learn more about this aspect of olive growing

Major countries around the world promote olive oil competitions. Discover some of these awards!

Olive oil competitions use evaluation criteria based on chemical and sensory analyses. Discover!

Major countries around the world promote olive oil competitions. Italy, the United States, France and Greece are some of the territories that receive liquid samples from different nationalities.

Held every year, each competition has its own regulations, some rewarding several producers, others choosing just one olive oil to receive the honor.

But they are all structured in the same way: with sensory panels of experts.

When purchasing , many consumers value the quality of good olive oil and competitions in different categories help people choose these products.

Olive oil producers, small or large, can send their oils for analysis, many send them to show that they are of high quality.

In addition to them, there are companies that only bottle olive oil, that is, that do not produce, that also send their samples.

If you want to know what the main olive oil competitions are, the criteria used in the analyzes and learn more about Lagar H, an internationally awarded olive oil, keep reading!

Discover the main olive oil competitions

Several countries promote olive oil competitions, including those that do not have production.

Located on most continents, these competitions give companies the opportunity to show the results of their work, which can take years to achieve good product quality.

Below, check out a list of the eight main competitions for you to keep an eye on and ensure excellent olive oil on your next purchase:

L'Orciolo d'Oro (Italy)

EVO IOOC International Olive Oil Contest (Italy)

NYIOOC New York International Olive Oil Competition (United States)

TERRAOLIVO – The Mediterranean Olive Oil Competition (Israel)

Mario Solinas Quality Award (International Olive Council – IOC)

Olio Nuovo Days – Competition that celebrates extra virgin olive oil from the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

Olivonomy – Institute dedicated to the culture and industry of extra virgin olive oil.

Flos Olei Guide – World guide where the best extra virgin olive oils are published.

Although each one is located in a different country, they all use the same evaluation criteria with sensory panels. Learn more about how olive oils are evaluated.

Olive oil competition criteria

Carried out by experts, the olive oil analyzes take place in sensory panels, with uniform quality criteria in all competitions.

In the sensory panels, the aromas and flavors of the oils are evaluated, where the judges assign notes for four aspects: balance, spiciness, bitterness and persistence. After adding up the scores from each juror, the olive oil receives a final score.

The main classes of olive oils analyzed are intense green fruity, medium green fruity and ripe fruity.

To participate in these competitions, olive oils first undergo screening to detect whether this oil is in fact extra virgin, that is, free of sensory defects or if it has sensory defects and this oil is rejected.

There is no specific number of olive oils awarded by the competitions, each competition chooses how the honors will be awarded, for example, whether they will reward the best olive oil of each variety, from each country, and so on.

Find award-winning olive oils

On each page of the olive oil competitions, you will find a list of all the winning products each year, including Lagar H extra virgin olive oils.

With just two years of existence, Lagar H has already received more than 60 awards in national and international competitions, the result of years of commitment to producing extra virgin olive oil without any sensory defects, thus offering the best experience for the consumer.

Monovarietals won the main medals in competitions such as EVO IOOC Italy, NYIOOC United States, Brazil IOOC and OLIVONOMY France. Check out all the prizes in this article .

If you are looking for excellent quality extra virgin olive oil with transparency in the process, purchase Lagar H products. Access the website, learn about the oils and order yours !

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