Degustação de azeite: saiba como fazer a sua com produtos Lagar H!

Olive oil tasting: find out how to make your own with Lagar H products!

By tasting olive oil at home, you can learn about all the attributes of Lagar H products. Find out how to do your own and discover the quality of our olive oils.

In just a few steps, you will learn how to carry out an ideal olive oil tasting to identify all the positive characteristics of the product

Did you know that it is possible to do an olive oil tasting at home? As is done with other products, this way of knowing the flavor and aroma of olive oil is ideal for identifying the quality of the liquid.

Therefore, knowing how to carry out this procedure is the best way to guarantee real results and be sure that you have purchased the right, quality product for your family.

And don't worry, you don't need to be an olive growing expert to taste olive oil at home, you just need to know the main characteristics of a good product, like those produced at Lagar H, and, of course, have great senses.

When tasting Lagar H extra virgin olive oils, you discover all the aromas and flavors of products developed in a careful, transparent and conscious production process, in which all stages – from cultivation to bottling – help to create olive oils with unique aspects.

In this article, discover which characteristics are essential for a quality product and how to taste Lagar H olive oils in your home. Keep reading!

Characteristics of olive oil

To carry out olive oil tasting correctly it is necessary to know some positive characteristics of a good liquid. In other words, based on these aspects, you will be able to evaluate the products and identify your qualities .

Tasting involves two of the five senses: smell and taste. After all, with them you can discover the aromas and flavors of olive oil. See what can be found:


When tasting the olive oil, it is possible to identify an essential attribute for the good quality of the product: the fruity aroma. This essence brings notes of fruits, vegetables, nuts, fresh grass, banana or tomato. In other words, aromas that remind you of the countryside, the orchard or the vegetable garden.

This change in aromas occurs due to the maturation stages of the olives. The greener ones result in oils with more intense essences of green vegetables. If the crop is more mature, the oils have more almond smells and a greater presence of fruit.


Two other positive characteristics of olive oils are found in the taste of the product. A quality olive oil is bitter and spicy and this flavor should only be felt on the tongue and throat.

Bitterness indicates the ripeness of the olive, and is also characteristic of certain varieties, such as Koroneiki and Coratina, and indicates the presence of polyphenols in the oil.

And the spiciness of the oil also indicates the presence of a quantity of phenolic components found in the product. In other words, if the spiciness is high, olive oil brings more health benefits, as is characteristic of certain varieties harvested at the correct ripening point.

Now that you know the main attributes of olive oils, find out how to taste Lagar H olive oils at home.

How to carry out the Lagar H olive oil tasting?

Know how to taste yours Lagar H extra virgin olive oil will help you learn more about the product and understand the different attributes present in the liquid.

Below, check out the step-by-step instructions for tasting at home.

Step 01

Add the olive oil to a glass container and cover it with your hand. Lightly heat the container with the heat of your hands and rotate it slowly to release its aromas.

Step 02

Take a deep breath and you will notice the fruity olfactory notes that can be green and herbaceous or ripe, bringing to mind tropical fruits or nuts. Feel the complexity of aromas and the freshness of the chosen variety.

Step 03

Taste small amounts. Distribute the oil throughout your mouth, sucking in a little air. We noticed positive attributes such as bitterness, felt mainly on the tongue, and spiciness, felt mainly in the throat.

Step 04

Repeat the test. Sip sparkling water or eat a slice of apple between tastings. Whenever you open a new bottle, taste it first and use Lagar H as a reference. Now you know what great extra virgin olive oil is.

Find the ideal Lagar H olive oil for you

Lagar H has extra virgin olive oils ideal for any occasion. From family lunches to dinners with friends, you will find the ideal accompaniment to provide unique moments around the table.

Access our website and discover the monovarietals of irresistible quality, flavor and aroma.

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