Entenda o processo de produção de azeites extravirgem no Lagar H

Understand the extra virgin olive oil production process at Lagar H

The careful production of olive oil guarantees the high quality of all Lagar H products.

Lagar H's olive oil production process is careful, conscious, transparent and responsible, which results in a product of extreme quality.

Since its inception, Lagar H has been dedicated to producing extra virgin olive oil following a meticulously elaborated process that guarantees the authenticity of one of the most commonly found products on the market, and on the tables of Brazilian families.

This care is reflected in the sensorial perfection of each of the company's monovarietals after going through the four main production stages: planting, harvesting, extraction and packaging.

In this article, you will learn more about the Lagar H process that results in quality extra virgin olive oil with different nuances in flavor and aroma. Keep reading!.

Planting: care when growing olive trees

The Lagar H process begins with the cultivation of olive trees in its own olive oil mill located in Rio Grande do Sul. Planted in ideal soil conditions, the olive trees receive all the necessary care so that they grow healthily and produce fruit. great quality .

The methods studied and implemented in the company range from spacing between trees to the use of special pruning that helps in the development of plantations.

This way of planting olive trees, in addition to helping to conserve all the necessary nutrients that result in better use, also makes harvesting easier.

Harvest: preserving the characteristics of the olive

The second stage of the process is harvesting, the ideal time for preservation of olives which are harvested and extracted in our own mill, inside the olive grove.

Due to this proximity between the cultivation areas and the extraction site, damage to the fruits is avoided, and the flavor and aroma are maintained.

Furthermore, our harvest is conducted by experienced professionals who understand the delicacy of this process and the importance of treating each olive with respect and care.

As one of the main stages of the process, harvesting allows the extraction of the fruit at a controlled temperature. Keep reading to find out more.

Extraction: quality assurance

We finally arrive at the heart of the process: extraction. It is at this stage that the harvested olives are transformed into olive oil that will soon be used in delicious recipes.

At Lagar H, the olive oil is cold extracted using state-of-the-art Italian machinery, within 6 hours of harvesting. This procedure keeps the original flavors and aromas of the olives intact, providing an olive oil with unique sensory characteristics .

Furthermore, to ensure a neutral atmosphere and prevent oxidation, the product is stored in nitrogen tanks, thus maintaining the freshness and vitality of the liquid.

Origin and packaging: maintaining the freshness of olive oil

For our company, the quality of olive oil is a serious issue, which is why we maintain full control over the entire production process, from harvesting to packaging.

Packaged in tamper-proof bottles that allow the olive oil to remain fresh from its origin in the mill, this is the last step that guarantees the best quality of the product. This way, we ensure the origin of the olive oil so that your family always has the best gastronomic experience.

Therefore, when choosing Lagar H, you can be sure that you will be using selected, authentic, extra-virgin olive oil without sensory defects, which has undergone a careful, conscious, transparent and responsible production process.

Discover real Lagar H extra virgin olive oil, access our site and choose the monovarietal that best suits you.

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