Embalagem de azeite: por que comprar produtos em embalagens escuras?

Olive oil packaging: why buy products in dark packaging?

When we think about olive oil, one of the first decisions we need to make is choosing the packaging. Among the available options, products packaged in dark containers stand out as being the best choice.

In this article, we will explain the reasons why buying olive oils packaged in dark packaging is an advantageous option.

Packaging: protecting the flavor and properties of the olive oil

Dark packaging is an ideal choice for storing olive oils of high quality, as it protects its natural properties and prevents contamination of the product. This means that the flavor and aroma of the oil remain intact, guaranteeing an exceptional sensory experience.

Dark glass containers, for example, should be made in amber or green colors to help protect content exposure to light, avoiding the acceleration of olive oil emission and the loss of the compounds present in it.

In addition to glass, opaque can and aluminum packaging also serve the same purpose, making it possible to preserve the properties of the food for a long period of time.

Dark containers also play a fundamental role in protecting the liquid from high temperatures, serving as a thermal insulator for the product. But remember that, even when packaged in this way, olive oil should not be placed in environments with temperatures exceeding 20ºC.

Dark packaging guarantees the benefits of olive oil

Olive oils are known for their diverse health benefits and potting in dark containers contributes to the preservation of these achieved properties.

Therefore, the purity and quality of the olive oil are maintained, guaranteeing its positive effects on health. By blocking light from entering the container, the degradation of the antioxidants and healthy fatty acids present in olive oil is prevented.

These compounds play an important role in reducing the risk of heart disease, controlling cholesterol, and fighting inflammation.

Our products are all packaged in dark packaging. When choosing olive oils from Lagar H, you have the peace of mind of enjoying an item that maintains its preservation, flavors and health benefits.

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