Marca brasileira de azeites, Lagar H aposta na mudança do mercado

Brazilian olive oil brand, Lagar H bets on market change

One of the objectives of Lagar H is to share information about national olive oils. Find out more about the brand!

One of the main objectives of the Brazilian olive oil brand is to help consumers learn more about the characteristics of the national product.

There are those who think that it is not possible to make good extra virgin olive oil in Brazil. And, until a few years ago, it really wasn't. But, after several studies, Lagar H, a Brazilian olive oil brand, made its debut in style.

Passed from generation to generation, the passion for olive oil grew and, with this, the company built – and still builds – a legacy planted in the land that will last for many years.

One of the objectives of the Brazilian olive oil brand is to change the national market, sharing relevant information so that consumers can find the right product for each occasion.

According to Glenda Haas, olive oil expert and director of Lagar H, in a interview given to Forbes magazine , the company wants to show consumers that not all olive oils are the same, which is why there are new extra virgin olive oils every year.

In this article, learn more about Lagar H, such as its values, mission and awards that the Brazilian olive oil brand has already received. Follow along.

Values ​​cultivated at Lagar H

Lagar H is a unique Brazilian olive oil brand. It doesn't exist just to bring national olive oil to Brazilians' tables. It has several values ​​in its institutional guidelines. Find out more about them .

Education and Awareness

The Brazilian olive oil brand creates favorable conditions for personal, environmental and community development.

In this way, it helps consumers and their employees to always discover the qualities of a true extra virgin olive oil through the plurality of intensities, flavors and aromas of its limited editions.

Ethics and Transparency

Produce olive oil as shared on our website and manual, always leading by example and transparency with customers and partners.

Positive Legacy

One of our values ​​is to work positively to leave a legacy for the future. Therefore, we seek to expand knowledge and interest in concepts and practices in which we believe.

Furthermore, we want to expand the culture of olive oil consumption, influence healthier self-care habits among our consumers and establish connections with like-minded people and organizations to generate business opportunities.

Quality and Innovation

Sustainability is one of the pillars of Lagar H. Therefore, we combine our business with innovative practices that guarantee the high quality standard of olive oils.

The company works on several actions that are in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and other guidelines with the aim of developing practices for a better world.

Health and wellness

The Brazilian olive oil brand encourages healthy eating habits, encouraging the consumption of quality olive oil, thus ensuring health and well-being for the consumer.

Company mission

A company without a mission does not achieve its objectives. Lagar H works to encourage consumption and sharing of knowledge about extra virgin olive oil.

The company's mission is to help people make more conscious, healthy and tasty choices. Positively impacting everyone involved with Lagar H.

Therefore, the company puts all its efforts into always producing the best extra virgin olive oil designed for the consumer. And this, too, is leading to other results.

Having only been on the market for two years, Lagar H has already won more than 60 awards in international olive oil competitions. Check out some awards.

Brazilian brand of award-winning olive oils

Before it was even on the market shelves, Lagar H had already been selected for several competitions and received several awards. See some:

In 2020, the Monovarietal of the Harvest – Koroneiki won the gold medal in the main olive oil competition in Italy, EVO IOOC.

Furthermore, it was considered the best olive oil in the Southern Hemisphere by Leone D'Oro, one of the most respected and rigorous competitions in olive growing.

The Monovarietal Arbosana Limited Edition, Monovarietal Coratina Limited Edition and Monovarietal Arbequina Limited Edition also won the gold medal at EVO IOOC in 2020.

Awards in 2021

In 2021, the Monovarietal of the Harvest – Koroneiki received the gold medal in the United States competition, NYIOOC.

Already the Harvest Blend won the gold medal and was considered the best design at the Brazil IOOC. Furthermore, it was considered the best Blend in South America by OLIO NUOVO DAY, in France.

Awards 2022

A Monovarietal Frantoio Limited Edition and Monovarietal Manzilla Limited Edition received the gold medal in the world's main olive oil competition, EVO IOOC.

The Harvest Monovarietal – Koroneiki was considered the best olive oil in the NYIOOC (USA), EVO IOOC (Italy) and OLIVONOMY (France) competitions.

Still at the NYIOOC (USA), the Monovarietal da Safra – Koroneiki and the Blend da Safra won the gold medal in the competition.

And in the EVO IOOC (Italy) and OLIVONOMY (France) awards, the Monovarietal Arbequina Limited Edition was considered the best monovarietal in the Southern Hemisphere.

These are some of the awards that recognize the quality of Lagar H extra virgin olive oils.

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Now that you know more about Lagar H, our values, mission and some of the awards won, it's time to discover the aroma and flavor of Lagar H extra virgin olive oils.
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