Selo de qualidade: o que é brasil certificado e a importância de ter certificações na empresa?

Quality seal: what is certified Brazil and the importance of having certifications in the company?

The Brazil Certified seal aims to identify businesses that use high-quality food production systems through sustainable agriculture.

Quality seals are certifications issued that attest to the good origin of the products and also the production processes of the items. For example, with these seals it is possible to identify whether the business complies with Brazilian or international legislation and follows all required regulations.

Furthermore, the seals demonstrate to the consumer that the company's concerns include sustainability, good management, safety and animal welfare. With this, the company is on the path to offering a product of excellence and great quality.

Having a certification is important for everyone involved: producers, companies and consumers. After all, by certifying the quality of products, businesses tend to grow and generate authority in the market and, on the other hand, consumers are sure that they are getting a reliable product.

There are numerous types of certifications that prove the origin of the product and the care in its processes and can vary according to the production sectors, such as food, livestock and agriculture.

Continue reading this article to learn about one of the most important certificates in the country and the relevance of being a certified company. Follow along!

What is the Brasil Certified seal?

Before being placed on the market, foods must be certified by competent bodies. In addition to mandatory seals, companies like Lagar H that invest in good environmental, social, ethical and food safety practices are certified by Brazil Certificate.

This seal aims to certify businesses that use high-quality food production systems through sustainable agriculture and that use actions required by agricultural research, natural and sustainable resources.

The main aspects analyzed by Brasil Certified are:

  • Ethical Quality;
  • Production Quality;
  • Product quality;
  • Social Quality

Therefore, companies that have the Brasil Certified seal demonstrate that they comply with Integrated Production, guaranteeing the quality of their products.

Integrated Production: Promoting sustainable agriculture

According to Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA), Integrated Production is structured in Good Agricultural Practices (BPA), provided for in the Specific Technical Standards (NTE) and in official auxiliary regulatory documents in the country.

Companies that adopt this type of production must aim for a business of sustainability, environmental conservation and productivity governance. Furthermore, they place the safety of farmers, employees and consumer health at great importance.

Adhering to the Agricultural Integrated Production System (IP) of the Agricultural Chain since its foundation, Lagar H is committed to aligning the production of quality extra virgin olive oils sustainable processes at all stages of production.

In this way, it develops techniques with the aim of seeking resources that enable a transparent production chain that preserves the environment and minimizes impacts on the planet.

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Importance of having a quality seal on products

Having a quality seal on products is one of the main benefits for companies in any sector. By gaining knowledge of the importance of having this certification, the business and consumers understand that the item to be sold has guarantees and can be purchased by more demanding audiences.

Furthermore, a product with the Brasil Certified seal means that its production complies with legislation and regulatory bodies. Furthermore, the company can stand out in the market for supporting and encouraging the conservation of natural resources, reducing environmental impacts and transforming its product into high quality.

A fact that many consumers currently take into consideration when purchasing a product on the shelf.

Another importance of obtaining this quality seal is the security of products with national origin, after all, this certification indicates that the company uses labor from the country and has the entire process taking place on Brazilian soil, like the Lagar H extra virgin olive oils .

In this way, it shares with consumers the transparency and conditions under which the product was manufactured, leading the consumer to make the best choice for their family.

In addition to these reasons being very relevant to companies, when carrying out Integrated Production, through the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices based on management, organization and technology, the company has some benefits.

Benefits of having a Certified Integrated Production

According to MAPA, companies that have certified Integrated Production guarantee several benefits.

  • Preservation of quality in the production stages;
  • Management of risks to food in the production, harvest and post-harvest phases;
  • Minimizing climate risks;
  • Reduction of production costs;
  • Promotion of guidance and technical responsibility in the primary production stage;
  • Important contribution to the productivity and well-being of rural workers;
  • Basic performance in the preservation of natural resources in the countryside;
  • Systematic action to reduce qualitative and quantitative losses in agriculture;
  • Improving farmers' income by reducing agricultural costs.

Lagar H: Proven quality products

Lagar H values ​​quality agriculture in accordance with sustainability, transparency, care and responsibility processes at each stage of production. Therefore, our 100% extra virgin olive oil has unique characteristics.

Produced in a climate equivalent to that found in the Mediterranean – the birthplace of olive growing in the world – Lagar H olive oils guarantee freshness and flavor in each package to transform any meal into a memorable moment.
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