Compromisso na gestão

Commitment to management

Achievement of Seals and Certifications

The search for and achievement of various seals and certifications guarantees Lagar H the credibility and veracity of our commitments to global initiatives in favor of more sustainable practices in different areas of activity. Leed seal (in the process of certification), Kosher seal, B Company, Negative Carbon Seal, Certified Brazil Seal are achievements that consolidate our commitment to generating a positive impact on the planet and in the communities where we operate and contributing to the sustainable development of the country - and for a fairer, more balanced and healthier world.

We are Carbon Negative

Since the founding of Lagar H, we have worked to reduce our carbon footprint. And we went further. In 2023, we became the first olive oil brand in the world to achieve carbon negative certification. What does this mean in practice? That we remove and store more carbon over time than we emit greenhouse gases (GHG), considering the entire process of olive cultivation, production and distribution of very high quality extra virgin olive oils.

Signatory of the 10 Principles of the Global Compact

This partnership represents the commitment to promoting responsible, sustainable business practices aligned with the 10 Principles of the Global Compact and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, contributing to a fairer, balanced and resilient future. Currently, with the commitments we have established with various global initiatives, we have fulfilled 16 of the 17 SDGs of the Global Compact.

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Preparation and publication of the Lagar H Impact Report

Which compiles and analyzes data for the years 2021 and 2022, recording the company's commitment to sustainability, transparency and building a better future.

Preparation and distribution of the Code of Culture, Ethics and Conduct

Document that outlines the company's commitments and its way of relating to its various audiences, such as suppliers and partners;

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Creation of the Lagar H Employee Manual

Document that brings together guidance on the rights, responsibilities and benefits of employees in a transparent manner, guiding the construction of relationships based on ethical values;

Quality and Environmental Management System 

Lagar H's QMS aims to provide a structure capable of guaranteeing operational efficiency in line with environmental protection and guaranteeing product quality and food safety. We trust that a well-structured Quality and Environmental Management System serves as a guide to improve our processes and assist in long-term planning, in addition to being a document that allows us to create alternatives that contribute to sustainable development.

Female leadership and support for gender equality

The majority of our team of employees is made up of women. Furthermore, our policy is transparent regarding no gender distinction for positions. Currently, we have women working in both management and operational positions. In addition, we carry out training and events aimed at training and valuing women, as well as promoting actions that encourage the training of female leaders.

Civic engagement and support for social programs

We are committed to our social role, as we understand the importance of relationships with associations focused on Olive Oil and also with projects linked to protecting the health and well-being of the population. Being involved in the development of projects with these themes allows us to contribute to society effectively, offering assistance and providing subsidies for the growth and strengthening of fundamental institutions for the population. One example is our support, through the donation of olive oil, to the Unidoswn Institute, which aims to enhance the skills of young people with Down syndrome so that they can lead an independent life in society.

Professional development

In terms of education, we encourage and contribute to the training of our employees so that they can develop their careers through training and employment benefits. We want to provide an enriching and evolutionary trajectory so that our practices provide an opportunity to improve the professional profile and development of skills of our employees and together we can generate even greater value for society. Between 2021 and 2022 we provided 1,200 hours of training to our employees.

Valuing local labor

We value local labor by hiring workers and suppliers from the region, as we understand that, in this way, we are contributing to the development of the market and the society in which we operate.

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