Carbono Negativo

Carbon Negative

In 2023, we became the first olive oil brand in the world to achieve carbon negative certification . This means that we remove and store more carbon over time than we emit greenhouse gases (GHG), considering the entire process of olive cultivation, production and distribution of extra virgin olive oils.

Being carbon negative goes far beyond zero carbon (when the balance between emissions and removals is equal to zero) or carbon neutrality (when compensation occurs through the purchase of credits) and demonstrates our commitment to promoting consumption and knowledge about what extra virgin olive oil is, valuing the national product and encouraging Brazilian consumers to make more conscious, healthy and tasty choices.

For two years we have been investing in the survey of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated since the founding of Lagar H. Through the 2022 GHG Emissions Inventory, carried out by FAU Agriculture and Environment, we verified a reduction of more than 80% in our emissions compared to 2021. The big difference compared to last year was the quantification of carbon removal from the atmosphere by olive groves - which are trees, naturally, great carbon sequestrants - cultivated on the property with regenerative agricultural practices. Considering the annual increase in carbon in the biomass of these plants and the CO2 removals related to changes in land use in agricultural areas, it was found that carbon removal is 1,266% higher than the emissions caused by our activities.

With the report in hand, we seek support from official certification. Careful analysis of the data was conducted by the certification body SGS, involving technical visits to the farm, and resulted in the achievement of an unprecedented certification for the olive oil segment.

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