Azeite tipo único é azeite de verdade?

Is single type olive oil real olive oil?

Single-type olive oil is found on supermarket shelves, but is not recommended for consumption. Know more!

Single type olive oil can be used for cooking food, but it is not recommended for eating raw or as an accompaniment to dishes.

Olive oil is present in everyone's daily lives, whether on the table or found on supermarket shelves. There are different types of oil, including extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil and single type olive oil.

It is true that this product is one of the most used in kitchens around the world, in homes, restaurants and hotels. Because it is considered a healthy food, many people believe that olive oils are all the same.

But they are mistaken. Each type of olive oil is produced in a different way and has different purposes.

For example, single-type olive oil should not be used to finish dishes or eaten raw, such as olive oil. extra virgin olive oil , due to its lack of nutrients and antioxidants, as it is a refined oil with the addition of a small portion of virgin olive oil to give a minimum aroma to the product.

In this article, learn more about this type of olive oil, why it should not be consumed (or purchased for this purpose) and discover the best olive oil for you! Follow along!

Find out more about unique olive oil

Single type olive oil is a product derived from lampante olive oil which has, in its composition, refined olive oil and virgin olive oil to flavor the tasteless refined oil.

In other words, it is a chemically altered oil and has acidity that varies between 0.8% and 1%.

Olive oils in Brazil They have several classifications , with olive oil being a single type comparable to other refined oils, such as soybean oil, corn oil, and its only advantage being that it has a monounsaturated fatty acid profile and, therefore, is a little healthier than its category companions.

Single-type olive oil, among all types of olive oil, is the oil that has the lowest quality for health, being used only for economic reasons for cooking food.

People who like to include olive oil when finishing dishes or to consume as an accompaniment to the main recipe should choose extra virgin olive oil. Find out why.

Single type olive oil

As mentioned, single-type olive oil, among olive oils, is the product with the lowest quality for health. These products do not provide aromatic complexity, nor biophenols, and are only suitable for use when heating food.

Therefore, there is a type of oil that is best suited for consumption : extra virgin olive oil, whether for cooking or finishing dishes

Very different from single-type olive oil, extra virgin olive oil comes from the healthiest olives in the olive grove. During the process, no other oil is added, resulting in an acidity of, at most, 0.8%. At Lagar H, the acidity of our oils does not usually exceed 0.2%.

Furthermore, this type of oil does not have any sensory defects and is considered the tastiest, healthiest and purest olive oil, ideal for consumption.

To take more health and the best experience on your table, you need to choose the right product, like Lagar H extra virgin olive oils.

Buy the best extra virgin olive oil

Lagar H extra virgin olive oils are produced in Cachoeira do Sul, located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in a climate equivalent to that found in the Mediterranean.

Olive trees are grown in ideal conditions for their development, resulting in healthy, quality olives. Discover some of the Lagar H olive oils:

Monovarietal of the Harvest – Koroneiki

Produced with the Koroneiki olive variety, which stands out in terms of productivity, freshness and flavor, Safra's Monovarietal is the ideal product to make your meals more aromatic and intense.

This extra virgin olive oil is complex and exuberant, with a powerful flavor, with medium bitterness and pleasant spiciness.

Monovarietal Arbequina

This extra virgin olive oil is produced with olives originating in Spain, resulting in a product with great sensorial evolution, which guarantees medium intensity of bitterness and slight spiciness, just right to make your recipes tastier.

Monovarietal Coratina

Rare in Brazil, Coratina is an olive tree from Italy and its olives produce an extra virgin olive oil with an intense flavor, with high spiciness and bitterness.

It has great complexity with sensorial notes of green almonds, green pepper, artichoke and herbaceous notes of freshly cut grass.

Monovarietal Frantoio

A delicate, harmonious and balanced extra virgin olive oil, Monovarietal Frantoio has high freshness sensations, with sober spiciness and bitterness.

This product is emerald green in color, resulting from the high concentration of polyphenols. It is ideal to be enjoyed with yogurt, artisanal breads, roasted fish and cold soups.

Monovarietal Manzanilla

Native to Cáceres, Spain, Manzanilla olives produce a smooth, uniquely flavored monovarietal. This type of olive oil has delicious notes of green tomatoes and leaves that bring a balanced spicy and bitter flavor.

Choose the best olive oil for you and your family, Visit the Lagar H website and order your product !

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