Certificação sistema b: o que é e porque adquirir produtos de empresas certificadas por esse selo?

Certification system b: what is it and why purchase products from companies certified by this seal?

System B grants certifications to companies that meet strict social and environmental performance criteria. Understand more in this article!

System B certification recognizes the commitment of organizations to generating positive impacts on society and the environment.

The search for efficient and socially responsible solutions has become a priority for many companies nowadays. In this context, the System B Certification has stood out as a way to recognize and promote organizations committed to generating a positive impact on society and the environment.

In this article, we will explain what the System B certification , how it works and why purchase products from companies that have this seal.

What is Sistema B certification?

The Sistema B Certificate, also known as B Corp Certification, is a certification granted to companies that meet rigorous criteria for social and environmental performance, transparency and corporate responsibility.

This certification was developed by the non-profit organization B Lab, with the aim of creating a global movement of companies seeking to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

How does System B Certification work?

To get the System B Certification , companies must undergo a complete assessment, carried out by B Lab. This assessment takes into account a series of sustainability indicators, such as environmental management, gender equity, fair treatment of employees and transparency in operations .

In addition, companies also need to meet legal requirements and commit to continually improving their performance.

Why purchase products from companies with this certification?

Currently, consumers have made more conscious choices, taking into account the impact their actions have on the world and, mainly, on the environment.

Therefore, when choosing products from companies certified by System B, people are guaranteed that they are getting food produced under sustainable and responsible management, which contributes to the development of society and nature.

Another reason to buy items with this seal is the quality and useful life of the products which, in addition to being more durable in their composition, can be recycled or reused for other purposes.

Products from System B companies tend to offer consumers more sustainable purchasing options, reducing negative impacts on society and the environment.

In addition to all care in production , certified products are the best choices for consumer health, after all, they were made using more transparent processes and with less use of pesticides.

Lagar H: Olive oils produced with sustainable practices

Concern for sustainability and social responsibility is important for Lagar H, which is why we are attentive to the codes and systems that help identify our company's good practices.

We own some certificates , results of the ethical and sustainable performance of our work to create a fairer and more balanced economy in the country.

We are committed to increasingly conscious consumption and production practices, related to social, environmental and governance issues. Therefore, we are a company with a B Pending seal and we are on the path to definitive certification of B Lab's B Brasil System.

Find out more about our commitment to sustainability and building a better future in Lagar H Impact Report .

Experience real Brazilian extra virgin olive oil produced with responsibility, conscience and transparency. Visit the website and get yours .

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