Como conservar o azeite de oliva corretamente após a compra?

How to store olive oil correctly after purchase?

Storing olive oil correctly will maintain all the important properties of the liquid until the end of use. Learn how to store the product!

There are some steps that the consumer can follow to preserve olive oil correctly. Meet them!

Buying olive oil requires a lot of attention from the consumer to always purchase the best product. But then, many people don't know how to preserve olive oil and end up letting the liquid lose its properties.

Regardless of the quality of the olive oil purchased, knowing how to preserve it correctly will maintain all the important properties of the liquid, such as flavor and aroma, until the end of its use.

A well-preserved olive oil guarantees optimal nutritional status, does not allow the product to oxidize and, above all, does not give the liquid a rancid appearance.

To help you store and preserve your olive oil At home, we prepared this article with some essential tips to protect this product known as “liquid gold”. Follow along!

7 tips for preserving olive oil at home

Olive oil needs to be stored well at home, that is, the consumer must know exactly where to place the product to preserve the liquid. Next, find out 7 tips for storing olive oil correctly.

Away from the heat

O olive oil It cannot be left near the stove or barbecue. Excess heat causes the product to lose its aroma and flavor, in addition to accelerating the deterioration of the antioxidants in the liquid.

Room temperature

The ideal is to store the liquid at room temperature, up to 20ºC. This way, the product components will be maintained.

Do not store in the refrigerator

Just as olive oil should be placed away from heat, it cannot be kept in the refrigerator.

The flavor, consistency and appearance of the product are altered in colder environments, in addition, near other foods, the aroma of the oil is contaminated.

Leave the packaging closed

To preserve olive oil, it is best to always leave the product closed. Contact with air causes the liquid to oxidize, thus losing the characteristics and quality of the oil.

Also avoid transferring the liquid to other containers if it is not consumed immediately.

Leave the packaging upright

It is essential that the packaging is left vertically, that is, standing upright. This helps the liquid to stay away from the air in the packaging, thus preventing the oxidation process from accelerating.

Fast consumption

Once opened, olive oil needs to be consumed within 60 days, preferably. Period in which the properties are still fully present in the liquid.

Be careful with excess light

Just like fire, excess light can change the oxidation of the oil, which causes the properties and sensorial qualities of the liquid to be lost.

Store olive oil in dark, cool places, such as closets and cellars. Avoid leaving it on the kitchen counter, especially near the window, as direct sunlight can also oxidize the oil.

When purchasing, prioritize extra virgin olive oils in dark packaging, as is the case with olive oils.  Lagar H products , so the liquid is protected from light.

To facilitate the conservation of olive oil, choose a product from a trusted brand, which guarantees the purity of the liquid and the inviolability of the process, such as Lagar H.

Lagar H extra virgin olive oil is produced with olives of exceptional quality and the time between harvesting and extracting the oil is minimal, allowing the liquid to have all the freshness and flavor of the fruit.

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