Harmonização dos pratos: como combinar os azeites com a receita?

Pairing dishes: how to combine olive oils with the recipe?

The pairing of dishes makes the tasting a unique moment. Find out more in this article!

Good pairing of dishes positively helps the family's gastronomic experience. Find the ideal olive oil for this!

We already know that for the recipe to be complete, a touch of extra virgin and extra fresh olive oil is essential. But did you know that we can elevate your traditional recipes even further?

There is no right way to combine foods with olive oil, as long as it is real extra virgin, as this varies from person to person, but there are some combinations that surprise.

The pairing of dishes makes the tasting a unique moment and leads the consumer to have a pleasant gastronomic experience. After all, each oil has distinct aromas and flavors.

With this in mind, we created this article so you can learn more about how to combine the olive oils extra virgin with different dishes. Follow along!

Pairing dishes is essential to enhance flavors

Just like in wine, we can harmonize through similarity or contrast as basic fundamentals.

To provide a positive sensorial experience, olive oil can accompany the power of the recipe, for example, if it is a milder dish, use an olive oil with little bitterness and spiciness.

However, we can also harmonize by contrast, for example, a mild steamed white fish with a more intense olive oil.

This combination can bring pleasant sensations, even more so if you emulsify the olive oil with drops of lemon and finish with fleur de sel.

More bitter olive oils also work very well with fresh cheeses and yogurts, reducing bitterness and generating an explosion of herbaceous aromas.

A great option to try this pairing is the traditional tomato caprese salad, fresh mozzarella and basil with salt. Salt should never be forgotten, it helps to enhance the flavors and brings more “mouth water” which intensifies the experience.

Pay attention to the spiciness

Please note that the spiciness in olive oil is not due to the presence of pepper, the sensorially correct term to describe this sensation would be pungency, which occurs in the throat and concerns the polyphenols found in olive oil.

A spicy oil just means that, when tasted, it has a pungency sensation in the throat.

Be generous, often when finishing a recipe we add just a drizzle of olive oil and the first bite is the only one to bring that experience.

Therefore, to enhance the flavor of the food, add enough to have bites with and without olive oil to elevate the experience.

If you have difficulty in choose extra virgin olive oil to combine with your recipes, continue reading the article and below we will share tips to help you. Look!

Combine extra virgin olive oil with your recipes

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the products that most transform recipes, whether sweet or savory, simple or complex.

Therefore, you need to pay attention when making a good pairing. Check out some suggestions to make your recipe tastier with Lagar H olive oils!

Recipes such as risottos , pizzas and pastas are ideal to be consumed with a slightly spicy and bitter olive oil.

Mushrooms, fish and seafood have their flavors enhanced with fruity extra virgin olive oil.

Light green leaf salads are tastier with softer, lighter oils, and dark leaf salads gain complexity with slightly more intense oils.

Oh, don't forget sweet recipes. These dishes can – and should – also have a touch of olive oil.

Finally, dishes that have more acidity can harmonize better with sweeter oils to balance the flavor and aroma.

Pairing dishes needs to be tested in different ways in the kitchen, the secret is to find the ideal olive oil to combine with your favorite dishes.

For this, you can count on Lagar H and try different combinations with the same dishes.

Lagar H is ideal for pairing dishes

Located in Cachoeira do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Lagar H produces extra virgin olive oils with quality olives.

When purchasing olive oil, you will find all the freshness of the fruit and the transparency of a careful, conscious and responsible production process.

Choose your olive oil to combine with any recipe you prefer, find out more about the pairing of each product below:

Monovarietal of the Harvest – Koroneiki

An intense and exuberant olive oil, Monovarietal of the Harvest – Koroneiki It has sensorial characteristics of medium bitterness, intense green fruity and marked spiciness.

Pairs well with cakes, chocolate, red meat, spicy dishes and aged cheeses.

Monovarietal Arbequina

An olive oil with medium intensity of bitterness and slight spiciness, the monovarietal Arbequina It has a sensation of green chestnuts, fresh herbs and green banana peel.

Pairs well with white meats, granola, pasta, ice cream and sushi.

Monovarietal Coratina

This one monovarietal has an intense flavor, with high spiciness and bitterness. Its sensorial characteristics include green almonds, green pepper, artichokes and herbaceous notes of freshly cut grass.

It is ideal to pair with roast cod, barbecue, spicy dishes and aged cheeses.

Monovarietal Frantoio

A delicate, harmonious and balanced extra virgin olive oil has sober spiciness and bitterness with a great sensory package. This Product Pairs well with yogurt, artisanal breads, baked fish and cold soups.

Monovarietal Manzanilla

O Monovarietal Manzanilla It is a smooth extra virgin olive oil with a unique flavor. The notes of green tomato and leaves, sensory characteristics of the product, are ideal for pasta with tomato sauce and aioli, risottos and salads.

Choose the right Lagar H olive oil for your recipes, Visit the website and get yours !

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