Brasil Certificado Agricultura de qualidade

Brazil Quality Agriculture Certificate

Since the beginning of our operations, we have followed the Integrated Production guidelines, which guaranteed Lagar H, in September 2022, certification, granted by the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA).

The official “Brazil Certified” seal recognizes companies included in the Integrated Agricultural Production System of the Agricultural Chain (PI), focused on adapting their production processes to obtain quality products of plant origin and with levels of pesticides and contaminants in accordance with which establishes health legislation. This is done through the application of good agricultural practices that favor the use of natural resources and the replacement of polluting inputs, ensuring the sustainability and traceability of production in the primary stage of the production chain.

PI's basic structure is Good Agricultural Practices (BPA), provided for in the Specific Technical Standards (NTE) and auxiliary documents - manuals, pesticide grids, field and processing notebooks - which promote compliance with and support for official regulatory frameworks. of the Brazilian Agricultural System, with the aim of offering guarantees of effectiveness in the adoption of good practices in the field.

The results are seen in gains in sustainability, environmental conservation, productivity governance, competitiveness and safety for farmers, workers and, especially, consumer health, thus ensuring quality food that provides good nutrients for the population.

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